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M3 Truss Head Phillips Carbon Steel Black Coated Self Tapping Screws

$5.99 - $12.19
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Important Note:
Self-tapping screws are screws that are designed to tap their threads as they are driven into a material. – tapping and creating threads in a pre-drilled hole.
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  • Reliable Fasteners - With its black coating, these screws are protected from rust and corrosion, ensuring that they stay strong and durable for years to come. Say goodbye to weak and unreliable screws that wear out easily!
  • Full Thread - The fully threaded design ensures a strong and secure grip, so you can be confident that your project will stay in place. No more worrying about loose screws or unstable structures! such as metal, plastic, and wood.
  • Truss Head - The mushroom-shaped truss head distributes pressure evenly, preventing damage to the material being fastened. It also provides a large bearing surface for maximum support, making it perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  • Phillips Drive -The cross-recessed Phillips drive allows for easy installation and removal, making your project hassle-free. No more struggling with difficult-to-use screws!
  • Type A Point - The sharp, self-tapping point allows for easy penetration into the material, saving you time and effort. It also reduces the risk of splitting, so you can be sure that your material stays intact.

These screws come in a compact M3 size with a #2 drive, making them perfect for small-scale projects. Plus, with a full thread and carbon steel material, they can handle heavier loads and provide stronger support than their partial-threaded counterparts.


  • Size: M3
  • Head diameter Max: 6.8mm
  • Head diameter Min: 6.5mm
  • Head height: 1.9mm
  • Full / Partial Thread: Full
  • Drive size: #2
  • Quantity: 100 Pieces
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Head: Truss Head(Mushroom Head)
  • Drive: Phillips(Cross Recessed)
  • Point Type: Type A