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How To Install A Magnetic Door Stop with Easy Steps

17th Apr 2022

A magnetic doorstop features a two-piece design where the post side attached to the door and the receptacle is attached to the walls. When these two pieces come in contact, the magnetic door stop holds the door open and protects the door from damage at the same time.

1. Positioning and drilling

Position catch on the door in the desired location and mark screw holes. Trace a circle around the catch with a pencil. You can use a self-tapping metal screw for metal doors and short wood screws for wooden doors.

2. Mounting the catch

Place the blade of the flat-headed screwdriver into the slot on the underside of the mounting plate. Rotate counter wise along with holding the catch section still. You will get a detached mounted plate.

3. Mark and drill

Position the mounting plate on the penciled circle on the door and mark the screw holes. Drill 3/32 in pilot holes. Open the door and remove the plate and screw it into the place. Test the door whether the doorstop is working properly or not by closing and opening the door smoothly.

4-1. Secure the Anchor and Door fitting

Remove the mounting plate from the doorstop in the same manner as the catch plate. Place the mounting plate centered in your circle on the wall trim and mark your screw holesMake a 3/32". Pilot Hole. Place the base plate screw through the square hole from the bottom and then set the base plate back on the circle, lining up your marked screw holes. Secure the mounting plate to the wall trim with the included screws. The threads of your base plate screw will be sticking through the plate. Place the door stop body over the screw and turn clockwise to connect the body and the plate together.

4-2. Mounting in concrete

Drill a hole into the concrete(Drill 1-3/16" Deep with 1/4" Drill Bit.) and tighten the washer and nut against expanding their liner. Insert the assembly into the hole. To fix it, you will need a threaded stud above the floor, and you may need to remove the nut for attaining a proper fit.

The floor mounting receptacle has the same form and installation process. You can mount the base of the floor and cover the base with the above instructions.